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About KSPS / Aims, Objects


 Although, the primary object of the Sanstha is to promote a spiritual way of living among people , it has many other objects which lead to the fulfillment of the main object. Such objects aimed at physical and spiritual growth of human beings for a healthy spiritual society are listed as under :
A. To promote spiritual growth by widening the horizons of thought process through secular tenets as per Indian culture and tradition for development and enrichment of human mind for upliftment of excellence of living in society at large.
B. To disseminate and spread messages of universal love and Brotherhood.
C. To emphasize the spiritual, physiological, physiotherapic, cosmic and physical necessity of keeping unshorn hair and to procure, publish and distribute, free of cost price, the literature, Audio and Video Cassettes/CDs/DVDs on the subject and to organize seminars, lectures, camps etc. for this purpose.
D. To publish pamphlets, Booklets, Research papers disseminating information and educating people about the evil effects of all types of drugs, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, inhalants, deliriants and other intoxicants and to set up de-addiction clinics and rehabilitation centers and provide other facilities for weaning away and detoxification of drug users and to bring them back in mainstream as useful members of the society.
E. To create awareness among people regarding laws of the land so as to make them law abiding citizens. To make the people conscious of the fact through literature and other media that payment of taxes, marriages without dowry and a crusade against corruption are the signs of a civilized society. To take all the steps for creation of such a society, as it is not wealth but people who make a nation strong.
F. To educate, encourage, develop and conduct investigations, experiments and demonstrations in various aspects and methods for growth of human consciousness.
G. To educate and give training in various subjects and techniques of meditation, or to arrange for such education and training through one or more means considered suitable for the purposes.
H. To develop, promote, diffuse and impart knowledge and training in various systems and methods of psycho-therapy and physiotherapy designed to improve the physical-cum-mental health of human beings.
I. To inculcate and promote a Healthy, Pollution free, Natural, Environment for total human self reliant and rational outlook in life.
J. To establish, acquire, control and maintain lecture halls, auditorium, libraries and museum and to organize or assist in organizing of lectures, debated seminars or conferences with the purpose of promoting the objects aforesaid.
K. To give scholarships, stipends, loans and free books, uniforms etc to poor and deserving students.
L. To provide free medicines/medical aid to poor and needy people. To help other institutions in organizing free camps/dispensaries for providing medical facilities to various sections of the society.
M. To establish, promote or take such other activities for advancement and propagation of education, literature, science, colleges, educational institutions and to provide or establish scholarships, gifts in cash or kind for education or developing mind and body.
N. For the promotion of education, particularly pre-primary education, which is the right age to inculcate spiritual values among the children, to establish any such school(s) with or without the assistance of other people or organizations and also as a franchisee of some esteemed organization in this regard.
O. To promote spiritual way of living among various people for the establishment of a spiritual society following the old cherished moral values.
P. To promote the ancient Indian tradition of keeping the hair unshorn following the practice of our ancient sages who kept their hair intact. The 10th Guru of Sikhs followed the said tradition and made mandatory for his followers to keep their hair on head and face unshorn.
Q. Treating the hair as a spiritual symbol to enlighten the people of the spiritual, psychological, physiotherapic cosmic and physical significance of hair.
R. To propagate the tenets as propounded by the Great Gurus and contained along with that of several Hindu and Muslim saints in the Holy Book, now holding the positions of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. For this purpose, to organize Kirtan Darbars (programmes of devotional singing), Katha Vichar (Spiritual discourses), Seminars, declamation contests etc.
S. To inculcate a feeling of self respect and confidence among Sikh Youth by organizing siritual awareness and personality contest.
T. To promote artistic talent by organizing painting competitions and exhibitions.

U. To organize free medical camps and provide financial help for the treatment of the poor and the needy.
V. To help the deserving student to pursue their studies by granting them scholarships adopting them for meeting various expenses and by opening libraries and coaching institutes for them.

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