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Dear sir/madam

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Please find enclosed herewith a detailed note regarding Kes Sambhal Parchar Sanstha's desire to make a directory of prominent Sikhs living anywhere in the world at present, with a noble mission of increasing interaction among them as to bring them closer for working together for the welfare of the community based upon the Gurmat Principle of Sarbat da Bhala. We shall be grateful if you provide us following details regarding you and your contribution for this noble cause.


Father's Name
Mother's Name
Date of Birth
Present Address
Contact Nos.:                                          Mobile Landline

In case of business/profession/vocation, address and contact nos, thereof:

Are you Amritdhari

A brief description of nature of your work/activities, and designation, if any:

A brief description of your family members. You may also mention the nature of work/activities of your spouse, if you feel necessary:

Mention Category No. in which you think you should be included

Briefly give your views regarding the present state of Sikh affairs and also give your views / suggestions, if any, for its betterment or for solution of the problems listed by you.

Please write one motivational quote as your message for others

We shall be grateful if you recommend names of three pesons, whome you condsider that their particulars should be included in the directory. Kindly give their name, address and contact numbers.

  Name Address Contact

With utmost humility, I have given my true and correct details. May God fulfill this mission and the increased interaction among the Sikhs makes our community united and strong.

Date:   Signature
City and Country :    

harminder sahib

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